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Film (2021)

DIRECTED BY:  EDIFICE Dance Theatre, Harriet Waghorn & Carmine De Amicis


SYNOPSIS. Two bodies meet in a dystopian landscape and merge into one. 

A duet created by EDIFICE and performed by Harriet Waghorn and Andre Kamienski. Shot in Toronto, Canada.

From the creators of viral  success ‘edifice’ BINARY is the second film in the series: Breathing Architecture. The first  film in this series ‘edifice’ now has over 7 million views worldwide.  

This series breathes life into the lungs of the architecture that houses us.  Using the dancing body, “Breathing Architecture” awakens the dynamic  form, geometry and energy that exist within the walls of the static giants that dominate our landscape.  

Through exploration on film, we can preserve an image of architecture as more than just a shell of its form; we can preserve an image of architecture  as something which houses life, houses human form and generates relationships between those who enter it.  

'EDIFICE directors, Carmine De Amicis and Harriet Waghorn “set out to explore a hybrid approach to Latin  American dance and Contact Improvisation. The goal was to create devices  and qualities to establish a singular body dialogue, starting with the  connection principles of both dances. Together they developed the hybrid  partnering language that informed the choreographic process and aimed to  explore themes like blurred and permeable boundaries, migration and  integration, intuition and growth.”

Rogerio Silva, Film Director 

The choreography was commissioned by Contact International Dance Film Festival Toronto, Canada. 


Directed and Produced by:EDIFICE Dance Theatre

Choreography: EDIFICE Dance Theatre Cinematographer: Olya Glotka

Performers: Harriet Waghorn and Andre Kamienski

Composer: Emptyset

Music: Tangent by Emptyset  

Production Assistant: Kim Simons

Edit by: Harriet Waghorn and Ruby Victor  

Location: Toronto, Canada 


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